Geography Trivia quiz games are now a huge rave amongst quiz takers online (webmaster jacky)

We all remember being asked country capitals and state capitals of our nation in every little quiz we have attended since childhood. Knowledge of general Geography forms an imperial part of General Quizzes. Online Quiz websites have incorporated Geography Trivia games and Geography Quiz game on topics like capitals, provinces, farming, commodities, monuments, places, currencies etc around the world. More detailed quizzes are based on state details of other nations across the world. There are a number of specific quiz games and a host of different mix quizzes to stumble upon on the internet to brush up your knowledge base in general Geography.

Topics of Geography Trivia quiz

There is a host of different topics subdivided into a number of different quizzes to limit the number of questions in each quiz. The following topics are the most popular:

• State capitals of United States
• African Capitals
• Oceania capitals
• Capitals of the Canadian provinces
• European capitals
• Capitals of Asia

Other topics apart from the atlas are also included in Geography Trivia quiz games. These topics include:

• Monuments
• Water/Dams
• Fountains
• Churches
• Currencies
• Flowers at Different states of the United States

• Other commodities/Trade etc.

How to play the online Quiz games

Trivia games online has a minimum of a certain number of questions which is maintained to give a particular game a certain stipulated time to end. It also adds more room for addition of subsequent Geography quiz game on the same topics and other topics as well. Against each question, the user will be provided with four different alternatives or options. A stipulated time will be allotted to select the correct alternative and move on to the next question. A hint option is provided to narrow your options and cut down the alternatives. This has to be done within the given time to answer the respective question.


An online quiz system provides you with basic tools to monitor your performance and development of your knowledge base. For improvements in the Knowledge base, you can check out Geography Trivia quiz websites and informative articles and web pages for reference. The quizzes can be taken more than once for revision and the electronic quiz system is a fun and interactive way to gain knowledge and strengthen your caught hold on the subject. These quizzes are distributed on varied topics to ensure diverse knowledge sources and all round development in various subjects of Geography.

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